Food & Hotel Asia 2018 | Apr 24, 2018

Food & Hotel Asia 2018 (FHA2018)
Food & Hotel Asia 2018 (FHA2018)

Pictures from Food & Hotel Asia 2018 (FHA 2018). The exhibition does live up to its claim of being the most comprehensive international food & hospitality trade event.

Right … Commercial and industry events aren’t part of my niche, to use a common blogging term.

Still, I have been attending this mega-show for over ten years now, and never once had I not been impressed by the elaborate booths or blown away by the awesome competitive culinary showpieces.

In 2016, right before starting this blog, I even thought about doing a short series on that year’s show, but ultimately didn’t because it just didn’t suit my intended writing niche.

This year, though, I’m casting aside all hesitation and going ahead. Doing so because I had a wonderful afternoon at this year’s exhibition. This was despite me being at the exhibition neither to network nor to solicit business.

Food & Hotel Asia 2018 Singaporean Exhibitors

My visit to FHA 2018 began at Singapore Expo Hall 6, i.e. where the Singaporean exhibitors are. This was the hall nearest to the MRT station and it was convenient for me not only because I went there by MRT, but also because I wanted to meet up with my ex-clients first. (They were the ones who invited me each time; what a great bunch of folks)

Later on, I’d realise this was a “logical way” to tour the exhibits too. It’s like beginning with the products from home, before moving on to the technologies behind those products. And finally, to the gourmet offerings from overseas.

Tasty Singapore at Food and Hotel Asia 2018
Tasty Singapore. I think most Singaporeans would agree food is one of Singapore’s greatest gifts to the world.
FHA 2018 Singaporean Products Showcase
FHA 2018 Singaporean products showcase.
Food & Hotel Asia 2018 Culinary Demonstration
The culinary demonstrations were as popular as ever.
Spectrum Ingredients Pte Ltd
One of the Singaporean exhibitors, Spectrum Ingredients. They have an online food ingredients outlet called Foodsterr.
FHA 2018 Food Display
Doesn’t this look yummy?
Singapore Satay Salad.
Satay salad. Singaporean style.
Food & Hotel Asia 2018 Singaporean Exhibitors
More Singaporean exhibitors of Food & Hotel Asia 2018.

Hospitality & F&B Technologies

Leaving the food exhibitors, I made my way through the smaller-number halls, these being where the hospitality and foodservice equipment exhibitors were.

Over the years, I’ve worked with a couple of such companies on graphic design projects and so while I’m not in these industries, I remain curious about developments and trends.

One thing I can say about this year’s exhibits: the push towards higher automation continues in zest. Given the many issues involving efficient manpower in Singapore, I suppose this is inevitable.

Pack Leader Labeling Solutions
Shiny labelling solutions.
Kagome Packet Drinks
I was mesmerised by this display by Japanese company Kagome. I’m a huge sucker for colourful drink packets and cans. (I buy up to seven times a day from vending machines when in Japan)
AZ Selfkiosk
Self-ordering kiosk technologies.

About self-ordering kiosks, a lot of my family members and friends are wary about these and the most common worry cited is that of older people not being able to use them.

Personally, I think it’s really a matter of spending a few minutes to try out one; it’s hardly rocket science and there are pictures everywhere.

I also think most people do not give older folks enough credit when it comes to digital technologies. Have you ever seen grandmothers playing 4-digits Candy Crush levels, while chatting over kopi-o? I can’t even get past level 50!

Automated Dorayaki Maker
Automated dorayaki making solution! I thought about Doraemon the moment I saw this.
Food & Hotel Asia 2018 Dining Ware
The elegant segment of Food & Hotel Asia 2018. I was very careful with my tripod bag when moving through this area.
Food & Hotel Asia 2018 Competition
One of the many competitions going on throughout the day.

What I look forward to most at Food & Hotel Asia has always been the culinary and patisseries competitions. Rather than squeeze in pictures from those into this post, I’m uploading them in a separate one. Click here to view these awesome masterpieces.

International Food Exhibitors

Most international exhibitors for Food & Hotel Asia 2018 were located in Halls 7 to 10. Here was where the visit began to feel like a brief trip overseas.

Food & Hotel Asia 2018 Networking
Very crowded with all sorts of business networking going on, as you can see.
Greek Caramelized Nuts
Caramelized nuts from Greece.
Types of Belgian Frites at FHA 2018.
I can only describe myself with the Singlish term suaku here. I had no idea there were so many types of Belgian Frites i.e. fries. And I never knew the McDonald’s ones are “shoestrings.”
Belazu Olives in Singapore.
Neither did I know there are so many types of olives!
Food & Hotel Asia 2018 Cold Display Competition.
These halls were also where the competitive cold displays were. This is smoked turkey wing with paprika corn cream, served with caramelized green apple and fruit sauce. (I’m getting hungry just typing that)
Satsuma Imo and Japanese Produce at FHA 2018
Produce from Japan. Those Satsuma Imo (sweet potatoes) are really popular in SG at the moment. Thanks to Don Don Donki.
FHA 2018 Free Popcorn
I ended my visit to Food and Hotel Asia 2018 with free popcorn. 😛

Update: Food & Hotel Asia 2018 Suntec Venue

Visited the Suntec venue of FHA 2018 the subsequent afternoon. Unlike the exhibits at Expo, I’m mostly unfamiliar with the equipment and technologies showcased here.

Still, it’s always a great idea to learn about new trends and technologies, isn’t it? Particularly interesting were the robotic displays set up outside the halls. Would these soon replace manual labour at fast food outlets?

Food & Hotel Asia 2018 Suntec Venue
Thinner crowd here. But according to an ex-client I met, the visitors here were more focused i.e. with greater intention of buying equipment or discussing distributorship.
Food & Hotel Asia 2018 Equipment Demonstration
Equipment demonstration.
Tiger Kawashima Aqua Wash
Tiger Kawashima Aqua Wash. Now that’s the proper way to wash your greens!
Food and Hotel Asia 2018 Individual Challenge Cold Display
A delicious cold display from the Individual Challenge Competition happening in Hall 6.
FHA 2018 Individual Challenge Cold Display.
Another tasty looking cold display. These displays were among the most photographed displays at Food & Hotel Asia 2018.
Makko The Robot Chef
Makko The Robot Chef.  I think you can easily figure out how it works from the photograph. To me, it’s a great example of how straightforward processes could be automated.
Co+Nut+Ink coconut ice cream kiosk.
The Co+Nut+Ink coconut ice cream kiosk. Once again, “suaku” me didn’t know this technology has already been in Singapore for a few years.
Food & Hotel Asia 2018
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Food & Hotel Asia 2018
Food & Hotel Asia 2018 pictures. Touring the two venues at Singapore Expo and Suntec City is like taking a mini food trip across the continents.

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