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It fizzles somewhat in the latter half, but Blockers still provides for a refreshing twist to the classic prom night sex pact story.

Blockers review - 5 thumbs up and 4 thumbs down.
Snappy Movie Review | Blockers

Blockers Synopsis

Lisa, Hunter, and Mitchell have known each other for over ten years thanks to their daughters being best friends. On the day of their daughters’ high school prom, Lisa hosts a pre-party for the girls, before discovering to her horror that the young ones have set up a sex pact, one in which they would all lose their virginities that evening. Against the protest of Hunter, Lisa and Mitchell decide to go all out to block their daughters’ dream night. They begin by gatecrashing the girls’ prom.

Snappy Review

Several things happened with Blockers.

First and foremost, it wasn’t as trashy as I thought it would be. I wouldn’t say it was brilliant, as some reviews claim, but there were a couple of refreshing twists. Most were quite effective at infusing new life into the old high school prom/sex night story.

Secondly, twists or not, the story does still contain a good number of scatological gags. Surprisingly, many of these were hysterical and enjoyable.

Thirdly, despite a large number of characters each with their own agendas, or non-agendas, the story managed to work in a substantial amount of social and parenting commentaries. In a way, these balance out the nonsensical bits. Which then adds to the overall likeability of the movie.

The summary, I think Blockers is enjoyable because it’s easy to relate to, even for non-American viewers. Those who are parents would almost definitely find themselves mirrored in one of the older characters, while the classic “my dad/mom is so lame” bits would resonate with younger viewers.

In my case, not being of either group, I was still entertained by the perspective of an uninvolved third-party, which the story somehow managed to work in too. Towards the end, everything does become a little too fuzzy and tender i.e. things wrap up way too perfectly. But seriously, how many would mind a prom night movie ending dreamily? This isn’t a slasher movie, after all.

It’s escapism.

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