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If you’re looking for two hours of derivative, monster brawling fun, Rampage (2018 Film) is sure to delight.

Rampage (2018 Film) review - 5 thumbs up and 3 thumbs down.
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Rampage (2018 Film) Synopsis

Research space station Athena-1 explodes after a genetic experiment goes awry. Crew member Atkins manages to escape but her pod explodes during re-entry into Earth, scattering the pathogen canisters she‘s carrying. Parts of the debris then land at a San Diego Wildlife Preserve, a sanctuary where primatologist Davis Okoye has bonded with an orphaned albino gorilla named George. Once exposed to the pathogen, George begins to mutate. The gentle primate swiftly transforms into an oversized and savage monstrosity.

Snappy Review

There are lots of sequels and copying going on in Rampage (2018 Film). Let me explain this by giving away some mild spoilers.

The movie begins by looking and feeling like an alternate ending to Life. Then it switches to being some sort of Jurassic World mirror, down to the hand-in-friendship scene.

Next, action kicks in and Joe Manganiello leads a Predator-like forest mission against a monstrous wolf. (He used to be one himself, remember?). Some further twists and turns and it becomes Pacific Rim. Minus the badass robots.

Yeah, it’s completely derivative, to use a cliché word in movie reviewing. A big mixed bag stuffed full of everything.

That said, Rampage is not entirely awful. The CGI is decent, the monsters feel and sound horrific. And then there’s Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock. The ONE AND ONLY Rock.

Typecast yet again as he might be, the man is undeniably great with the over-muscled and soft-hearted saviour persona. I go as far as to say Dwayne exudes a certain smoothness in delivery that pretty much patches up whatever is eye-rolling about the plot too.

Coming back to the CGI, specifically the city destruction bits, it’s standard fare, but somehow they feel more intense compared to, well, Pacific Rim: Uprising, or other recent offerings.

I attribute this to the movie being quite enthusiastic in portraying death. It’s still PG overall; don’t worry if you’re bringing kids to this. But the chaos does successfully add a dose of realism to what is otherwise, an out-of-the-world story.


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