Launch of Singapore Garden Festival 2018 | Mar 8, 2018

Launch of Singapore Garden Festival 2018 at Takashimaya Square.

Chanced on this while strolling about town this evening. This exhibition/display isn’t the actual Singapore Garden Festival 2018; that’s to happen in July. Instead, it’s the official launch. In the form of activities and competitions spread over four days.

Launch of Singapore Garden Festival 2018
Main stage for the event. It’s a gardener’s fantasy!
Singaporean Orchids at Ngee Ann City.
This being a Singaporean event, orchids were everywhere.
Launch of Singapore Garden Festival 2018 - Exhibition booths
There were booths for Singaporean commercial nurseries too.

According to displays, the chief highlight for this Ngee Ann City event was the setting up of a “Guinness World Record floral installation.” I presumed this to be the huge centrepiece in the middle of the square.

Positively bursting with every type of orchid imaginable, this was certainly more eye-catching than everything else, beating even the extravagant stage.

Note: The installation is probably going to “grow” further, given the event is scheduled for March 9th too.

Launch of Singapore Garden Festival 2018 - Guinness World Record floral installation
I have never looked into it. But my guess is that Singapore has as many varieties of orchids as Holland has tulips.
Ngee Ann City Event.
It’s like a giant’s flower basket!

Floral Windows to the World 2018

The other highlight of the event was an aesthetic competition titled Floral Windows to the World. As I was at Ngee Ann City after eight, the competition was long over. Luckily, the masterpieces created by the floral designers remained on display.

Floral Windows to the World 2018.
W03. By Christina Yew.
Floral Windows to the World 2018 Exhibition Pieces.
I quite like the starburst one.
Competitive Floral Arrangement at Ngee Ann City.
This one has a strong fantasy feel to it.
Launch of Singapore Garden Festival 2018 - Floral Windows to the World
Other equally creative designs.

I will … admit that I’m rather numb to floral arrangements, having never been interested my whole life. And so I can only use cliques like “nice, “like,” etc. (Bleah)

That said, I do understand it’s a difficult art. From my previous line of work, I’ve learned that establishing order/beauty within randomness is easily one of the hardest aesthetic skills. Thus, I have only the deepest respect for the contestants of Floral Windows to the World.

Takashima Square, Ngee Ann City Event.
Overview of the launch.

The event is ongoing at Takashimaya Square (Ngee Ann City Basement 2) till Sunday March 11,, 2018. Each day, there would be activities such as talks, Ikebana demonstrations, Wushu performances, and so on.

If you’re into orchids and in Singapore during then, you might also like to check out the SGF Orchid Show 2018. This is scheduled for April 21 to 29, 2018 at the National Orchid Gardens.

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Update May 30, 2018

It’s still two months before Singapore Garden Festival 2018 begins. But the following display has popped up outside Ngee Ann City.

Singapore Garden Festival 2018 Outdoor Display
Singapore Garden Festival 2018 outdoor display (June 2018)
Singapore Garden Festival 2018 Launch
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Singapore Garden Festival 2018 Launch
Official launch of Singapore Garden Festival 2018 at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City. A refreshing splash of colourful orchids, in a shopping mall basement.
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