Chinese History Listicles

Chinese history listicles.
Chinese history listicles.

Chinese history listicles. The best and the worst of the Middle Kingdom.

Top 10 Greatest Chinese Emperors

Best Emperors in Chinese History

The truth is, even the most respected Chinese emperor in Chinese history wouldn’t think twice about strangling an unfaithful consort or beheading the entire family of a traitorous courtier. Still, the sovereigns on this list have all greatly contributed to China’s legacy as an enduring civilization. Here are the ten best emperors to have ruled the Middle Kingdom.


Top 10 Most Terrible Chinese Emperors

Worst Emperors in Chinese History

For every great Chinese emperor, there were at least five terrible ones, some of which were so appalling their titles have become synonymous with evil and tyranny. From wanton debauchery to unbelievable disregard, to downright psychotic dispositions, these terrible emperors were directly responsible for the death and suffering of millions of Chinese.


Top 5 Chinese Empresses

Most powerful Chinese Empresses

Officially, Chinese empresses and consorts were not permitted to interfere with imperial matters of the state. Officially, that is. More often than not, these ladies indirectly dominated the court, if not downright usurped control.

On the bright side, they could be considered as Ancient China’s foremost feminists. This is particularly so in the case of the legendary Wu Zetian.



Top 5 Most Despised Eunuchs

Top 5 Most hated Chinese Eunuchs.

The Chinese term for eunuch is 太监 (Tai Jian). Throw this term at any Chinese and chances are, you’d receive a distasteful stare, if not a slap.

Is this purely because of cultural disdain towards men incapable of having offsprings? A quick reading of Chinese history will tell you that is hardly the case.


Top 5 Chinese Heroes

Top 5 Chinese Heroes

Like any major civilization, Chinese history is full of celebrated heroes. Here are the five most legendary ones. Given China’s long history of war and strife, it’s not surprising that four out of five were war heroes.


5 Chinese Emperors Who Ended Their Reigns in Captivity

5 Tragic Chinese Captive Emperors.

Life as an emperor is awesome. Provided you don’t end up disposed. Or worse, imprisoned.


7 Legendary Chinese Beauties Who Destroyed Their Dynasties

Consort Yang Gui Fei

In Imperial Chinese History, a beautiful consort and an indulgent emperor is a surefire recipe for catastrophe.


5 Legendary Chinese Heroines. Did They Exist?

Chinese Heroines

Even Westerners are nowadays familiar with Mulan, thanks to Disney. But did this awesome female general exist in history?


Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King

Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King
Guangzhou Attraction: Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King

This is more of a travel write-up than a history listicle. But I did include some info about the short-lived Nanyue Dynasty of Southern China.


Some of these lists use portraits from the collection, One Hundred Portraits of Chinese Emperors (中国一百帝王图) by Lu Yanguang. Do grab a copy if you ever come across the printed copy.

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Chinese History Listicles
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Chinese History Listicles
Top-10, Top-5 lists on the best, and the absolute worst, of Imperial Chinese history. These lists were first published on Owlcation.

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