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To put it bluntly, I would have hated Red Sparrow, had it not been for Jennifer Lawrence’s incredible performance.

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After a career-ending stage accident, ballerina Dominika Egorova is manipulated by her uncle Ivan into joining the Russian intelligence. She excels during training but because of an incident with a course mate, is pulled out of her course midway and assigned to Budapest, where her mission is to seduce former CIA operative Nate Nash. As she learns, Nash was forced to flee Moscow months ago after a blotched contact with an informant in Gorky Park. Dominika’s task is to determine the identity of the informant at any cost. The informant is possibly a mole with access to the highest echelons of Russian command.

Snappy Review

To put it bluntly, I would have hated Red Sparrow, had it not been for Jennifer Lawrence’s incredible performance.

I’m a huge, huge Jennifer Lawrence fan. I highlight this for had it not been her in Red Sparrow, had she not thrown in such a spirited performance, I probably would have downright hated this movie.

In a nutshell, the main problem with Red Sparrow, IMO, is that it’s too fanatical with several standard tropes of the spy genre. Tropes like double-crossing, ambiguity, inhuman torture, and so on.

Practically every “chapter” of this movie is stringently structured around these tropes, and while the story doesn’t become incomprehensible, it does feel tiresome before long. To an extent, this weariness is moderated by equally impressive performances by J’s supporting cast, particularly the charismatic Matthias Schoenaerts. (He looks and feels like a younger Putin to me) Unfortunately, their combined efforts do not lift the movie. Before Red Sparrow is halfway through, you learn not to trust or feel for any of the characters. It’s almost as if you’re dealing with an actual Russian sparrow before you.

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