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DC Super Heroes Cafe – Takashimaya | Geeky Restaurant Adventures

DC Super Heroes Cafe Takashimaya Review
DC Super Heroes Cafe - Takashimaya

Immersive dining at DC Super Heroes Cafe – Takashimaya with my elderly ones.

Couple of weekends back, I accomplished the unexpected. Aching to check out the new DC Super Heroes Cafe at Takashimaya, but tied down by work throughout the week, I slyly suggested heading to the cafe for dinner on family Sunday.

Would you believe it? My two elderly ones agreed right away. Maybe it’s because they remembered I used to be so crazy over the ultra cheesy Superfriends cartoons in the 80s. Or maybe they have long noticed how I still brighten up whenever I walk past any DC figurines.

Or maybe they just wanted to see me as an excitable eight-year-old again.

The Justice League, and More, at DC Super Heroes Café Takashimaya

The Dark Knight, the most awesome of all DC comic heroes, welcomes you at the entrance.
The main dining area of DC Super Heroes Cafe Takashimaya. If I’m not wrong, the open kitchen is modeled to resemble, Arkham?
By coincidence or the outcome of my subconscious telepathic persuasion, we were offered the Wonder Woman booth. She has always been my favourite DC comic hero. Since the 70s!

Food ordering time. This took me quite a while because the menu is so thick, and laid out to resemble a DC compilation.

Being themed around DC characters, or should I say the founding members of the Justice League, most if not all of the dishes were named after famous DC personalities. It was quite a joy going through the menu to see how these JL powerhouses were represented.

Joker encouraging you to have some light bites. (He’s my favourite DC villain since like, forever)
Dome Wood Oven Pizza selection. The panels chosen for the menu didn’t just come from the gaudy Silver and Bronze ages. They include the darker modern releases too.
What I finally ordered. Martha Kent’s Homely Beef Bolognaise. Did Mrs. Kent use to do such cut-outs for a young Superman? This tasted great, by the way. The sauce was fresh and rich.
Dad’s choice for the evening. You can easily guess; it’s an Aquaman thing. Aquaman: Friends with Fish & Chips.
My after-dinner sin. Green Arrow Chocolate Mint Milkshake. I couldn’t stop thinking of Stephen Amell’s bod while slurping this. Hmpf!
My Amazonian princess keeping watch over us as we dined.

On the whole, I’d say the cafe’s dishes are well-prepared and immaculately presented, though they do take a while to be served.

What’s more noteworthy about the dining experience, on the other hand, is the service. We were attended to by an older server and she was so congenial and accommodating.

She even gave me extra copies of the DC table covers, which would eventually become part of my geek display case project. Alfred himself would have approved of her as a co-worker.

Second Visit – Feb 9, 2018

Having greatly enjoyed myself, I had dinner at DC Super Heroes Cafe Takashimaya again last night. As I’m preparing for Chinese New Year feasting, ahem, I chose a vegetarian dish this time around too.

It turned out to be even better than the Beef Bolognaise, surprise surprise. The mushroom tofu patty was pleasantly flavourful and crispy. It went well with the avocado sauce too.

GL Hal’s Homemade Mushroom Tofu Burger.
Got a better shot of the pastry counter/themed bar this time. As you can see, the Daily Planet has expanded into the confectionery business … (Who’s their food writer, I wonder)
In celebration of Year of the Dog 2018, all table covers now feature Krypto, the Super Dog!
Main entrance with cool sliding doors welcoming you into DC comics heaven.

DC Super Heroes Cafe Takashimaya is at 391A Orchard Road, #02-13 Ngee Ann City, just opposite the second floor taxi stand. It’s open from 10 to 10 daily.

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DC Super Heroes Cafe – Takashimaya | Geeky Restaurant Adventures
American superhero-themed dinner at DC Super Heroes Cafe Takashimaya. I momentarily felt like an eight-year-old Superfriends fan again.


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