Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2018

Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-up 2018.
Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-up 2018.

Checking out Chinatown Chinese New Year light-up 2018. The Year of the Dog is at our doorsteps!

It’s that most wonderful time of the year, as the song goes. In the case of Singapore and at this time of the year, this wouldn’t be Santa Claus and adorable reindeers, but Cai Shen and auspicious golden animals.

Yup! In three weeks, a matter of days really, a brand new Year of the Dog would upon us!

*woof!* *woof woof!!*

That’s just me being silly. Anyhow, here are the pictures from my requisite excursion to Chinatown and the yearly Chinese New Year festive market.

Like last year, I went on a weekday to avoid the worst of the crowds. If you’re using my pictures to estimate human traffic, well, take heed. It felt like a weekend. But it was actually Monday!

At Chinatown Point

Unlike previous years, I began my evening not at the Outram Park end of Chinatown, but Chinatown Point. Other than to avoid the massive road construction works at Outram, I also wanted to check out the Chinatown Wishing Tree. This is listed as one of this year’s attractions on the official website.

Chinatown Wishing Tree 2018
For a two-dollar donation to the elderly, you can hang a wishing card on the tree.
Chinatown Wishing Tree 2018 Wishing Cards
Man’s best friend is all over the tree not only because it’s soon to be the Year of the Dog, it’s also because there’s an ongoing Japanese Akita Prefecture festive fair. Those are Shiba Inus.

Chinatown Chinese New Year Festive Bazaar 2018 Goodies

The heart of each year’s Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-up is, of course, the festive street bazaar. And each year, I notice the same phenomenon.

Despite many goods on sale readily available elsewhere, such as at residential districts CNY fairs and shopping malls, people still flock here. Most people would also buy something; I myself make it a point to at least get some titbits.


Is this because of tradition? The nightly shows? The overall cheery ambiance of Singapore’s most celebrated ethnic festival?

Conversely, when I was living right beside the bazaar eleven years ago, I made it the point not to buy anything. Well, at least not till the stalls start slashing prices on the final night.

Festivals do bring out the best, and the weirdest in us. Agree?

Singaporean Chinese New Year Snacks
Mountains of Chinese New Year snacks on sale, as like every year.
Chinese New Year Pomelos
Good luck pomelos, a classic good luck CNY food, on sale at Singapore’s Chinese New Year Festive Street Bazaar 2018.
Chinese New Year Malt Candies at Chinatown, Singapore.
Malt candy lollipops. Another traditional sweet given the modern makeover. (My goodness, when I was a kid, there was just one flavour. Original)
Ocarinas on sale at Chinatown Festive Street Bazaar 2018.
Ocarinas. Your gateway to a magical realm. And opening doors. If you know the correct notes to play.
Chinese Preserved Candies.
Preserved candies and fruity bits. I’m a huge sucker for these titbits. Actually, for any spring festival titbits.
Golden containers at Chinatown Festive Street Bazaar 2018
Golden containers to store actual gold and good fortune. Huat!

Festive Streets

Chinatown Chinese New Year Festive Street Bazaar 2018.
Entrance to the Festive Street Bazaar. With January air-con weather gone, it was still bright and warm at six-thirty.
Chinatown Chinese New Year Street Market 2018
After sunset.
Chinatown Chinese New Year Festive Bazaar 2018
Pussy willows? So many colours nowadays for the spring festival! When there was once just silver.
Lunar New Year performance at Kreta Ayer Square.
Stage show at Kreta Ayer Square.
Chinatown Lunar New Year Market 2018
At Pagoda Street.

Chinatown Chinese New Year 2018 Light-Up

Unfortunately, the very first thing I overheard while snapping pictures of the showpiece was how last year’s decorations were “prettier.” Grudgingly, I have to agree that the Dog is visually not a match for the Rooster. No thanks to the latter’s gaudy feathers, curvy curves, and overall good fortune feel.

But, woofy is still man’s best friend, yes? Man’s most faithful companion too? While not as vivid, the lantern centrepiece at Eu Tong Sen Junction does have a certain, I don’t know, valorous feel to it?

I wouldn’t mind having such a noble pup for a buddy. (Just one, not a whole litter!) As you can see, the golden festive lights have planted funny ideas in my head.

Chinatown Chinese New Year Street Bazaar 2018.
Evening overview of the Festive Street Bazaar and Light-Up.
Chinatown Lunar New Year Light-up 2018
Closer view of the Temple Street stretch.

The above two pics were, of course, taken from the sweet spot I mentioned in last year’s CNY post. On this, I’m pleased to share that while the café is closed, the entire area is still open to the public. Better yet, believe it or not, there was no one when I arrived at six-forty.

I wouldn’t recommend you bet on this, though, if you’re heading there for your own pictures. Nearer to seven, photographers did start turning up.

Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-up 2018
Alpha Pooch and his family all ready to replace the flashy cock. (Sorry! I can’t resist!)
Chinatown Chinese New Year 2018 street decorations.
A … backside view to show what Alpha Pooch is bringing as his entourage.
Singapore Chinatown Light-up 2018.
HDR view taken from the rooftop car park of People’s Park Centre. (Centre, not complex) This level is easily accessible from the lifts nearest to Exit D of Chinatown MRT Station.
South Bridge Road Chinese New Year 2018 Street Decorations.
The street decorations over at South Bridge Road. Much, much better than last year’s.

Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2018 is ongoing till Mar 16. The festive bazaar ends one month earlier on Feb 15 i.e. Chinese New Year’s Eve.
Click here to view this year’s lanterns and fireworks at River Hongbao 2018!

Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2019.

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Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2018
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Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2018
Woof! The Year of the Dog is soon to be here! Here are my pictures from Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-up 2018!

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