Christmas Light-Up in Singapore Part 4 | A Universal Christmas 2017

A Universal Christmas 2017
A Universal Christmas 2017

It’s Christmas Day, so here’s the final part of my feature on Christmas in Singapore 2017. A Universal Christmas 2017 at Universal Studios Singapore!

As I mentioned in older posts, I have a ritual of visiting Universal Studios Singapore on Christmas Eves. And so last evening, I “dutifully” turned up at the entrance at ten minutes to five with electronic ticket eagerly grasped in hand.

Here are the pictures I took at this year’s A Universal Christmas 2017! Plus a few brief reviews.

Hollywood and New York Zones

A Universal Christmas 2017, Hollywood Zone.
My standard before-dark starter pic! Compared to last year, there seem to be lesser visitors.
USS North Pole Postal Service.
North Pole Postal Service. On USS’ website, this was promoted as a key attraction of this A Universal Christmas 2017. (In gist, you enjoy free delivery if you spend eighty bucks and above on a gift)
Marilyn Monroe at Universal Studios Singapore.
Marilyn joins the festive celebration at the New York Library façade.
Friendly Victorians at Universal Christmas 2017, Singapore.
Friendly Victorians on the way to the Scrooge, Christmas Carol alley.

Santa’s Snowy Sleigh Ride

The street parade for the month, which consisted of rotund elves, smiley toy soldiers, and bouncy acrobatic reindeer. Santa himself was (very comfortably) lugged around in a yuletide sleigh.

Universal Studios Singapore Toy Soldier.
Hi there!
Universal Studios Singapore Christmas Reindeers.
The bouncy, really athletic reindeer.
Universal Studios Singapore Santa Claus.
The big guy himself.

Oscar’s Grouchmas Show

Like Santa’s Snowy Sleigh Ride, this performance, conducted at the Pantage Theatre, is one of the highlights of this year’s Christmas celebration at Universal Studios Singapore.

To be quite honest, it’s the typical I-hate-Christmas-turn-I-love-Christmas story, and the songs weren’t particularly memorable. That said, the exuberant finale was enjoyable. The confetti/fake snowfall was a befitting and atmospheric conclusion too.

Oscar’s Grouchmas Show at Universal Studios Singapore.
Elmo, as whiney as ever. (I’m sorry, I’m NOT an Elmo fan)
Oscar’s Grouchmas Show
The star of the show! (I love Oscar; he’s my favourite Sesame Street character. Which … makes me a grouch too)
A Universal Christmas 2017, Singapore
The entire Sesame Street gang dancing together. (Mr. Snuffleupagus is invisible)
Oscar’s Grouchmas Show Finale.
The snowy, euphoric climax.

Santa’s Workshop

Similar to the sleigh ride street parade and Oscar’s Grouchmas Show, Santa’s Workshop is a key attraction of A Universal Christmas 2017 too. Let me share the pics before commenting.

Universal Studios Singapore Santa's Workshop.
The entrance “room.” The attraction is actually a series of rooms for visitors to play mini-games in. Objective of which being to earn stamps in the extended quest to be certified as a Christmas elf.
A Universal Christmas 2017 - Santa's Workshop Postal Room
The postal room. Game here was to find a missing parcel.
Mrs Santa Claus at Universal Studios Singapore.
Mrs. Claus’ kitchen. She’s looking for missing baking ingredients.
A Universal Christmas 2017 Santa Photo Op.
Photo-op with Santa himself in the final room. By the way, right from the start, visitors are given a cert to collect stamps with. Your face embellished with beard and elfish cap is on that cert.

From the looks of it, Santa’s Workshop replaces last year’s Santa’s Village and the awesome Universal Journey.


It does provide for some Christmas-y photo opportunities, but to be blunt, this is really one of those concepts that sounds great on paper but is challenging to execute well.

Most, if not all of the games in the “rooms” were brief and simplistic, over before I knew it. (Over before I even started paying attention) My guess is that USS had to do things this way to keep the traffic moving; visitors enter the factory in small batches.

All in all, not a very enjoyable attraction, especially when compared to last year’s Universal Journey. If the concept is to be repeated next year, it seriously needs refinement.

Universal Studios Singapore Festive Night Shots

Done with Christmas attractions and features, I strolled around the park, hopping on the occasional ride here and there. (I really did “hop on.” Single riders barely have to queue in Universal Studios Singapore. Bwahahaaha!)

A Universal Christmas 2017 - Christmas Tree House
Christmas Tree House. This was the display centerpiece beside the lake.
Shrek's Castle, Singapore.
Shrek’s Castle. Not involved with A Universal Christmas 2017, unfortunately.
Universal Studios Singapore Mummy Zone
Okay, I know. There’s nothing Christmasy about this shot at all. But who goes to USS, with a decent camera, and not photograph them?
A Universal Christmas 2017 - Search for a Christmas Star
Search for a Star special performance. I forgot about this Christmas special, and so I was only able to catch the very last part of it. (She cast a powerful spell over the entire New York zone in a very Harry Potter like way)
Universal Christmas 2017 - World of Stars
I didn’t mention this earlier. The New York Zone has been transformed into the World of Stars. Most Christmas performances are gathered here.
Universal Studios Singapore Hollywood Zone at night.
I actually shot this one right before I left the park. But I’d put it up first.

A Universal Christmas 2017 Christmas Fireworks Spectacular

Last but not least, the fireworks! This was largely the same as last year’s, down to the burst sequence and the soundtrack used.

But … it was Christmas Eve. If anyone else noticed, none seemed to mind. Me neither! Check out the video below. Then take a peep at last year’s version on the same YouTube channel. What do you think?

Somehow, this year’s version felt more exuberant. Going by the cheers, I think most other visitors felt likewise too.

Merry Christmas 2017 everyone!

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Christmas Light-Up in Singapore Part 4 – Universal Studios Singapore
Article Name
Christmas Light-Up in Singapore Part 4 – Universal Studios Singapore
Final part of my series on Christmas in Singapore 2017. As usual, I spent Christmas Eve at USS. Here’s A Universal Christmas 2017!

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