Home Diary Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2017 | Dec 15, 2017

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2017 | Dec 15, 2017

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2017
Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, Singapore’s “largest” carnival, opens its glittering gates to the public on Dec 15.

I was looking forth to Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2017, ever since reading about it late last month.

Always a sucker for loud and colourful things, the event felt so much the perfect year-end festivity to check out. That it was delayed for a week, conveniently located downtown, and, hmm, organised by a financial planning company, just heightened my anticipation i.e. curiosity.

Anyway, here are the pictures I took. Regrettably, I didn’t have much time on hand. I was rushing for the Last Jedi Light and Water Show scheduled next door.

Promontory Site

The Promontory site of Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2017. As I didn’t check the website before heading down, I didn’t know the carnival had two sites. Luckily, they are within walking distance of each other.
The Promontory site had a lot of carnival games. Incidentally, I saw many visitors walking around with huge prizes too. Meaning it’s very possible to win something attractive. (Though, likely not so for me)
Starflyer. The key attraction of the Promontory site.
I’ve mentioned in many older posts that no event, funfair, light-up, or bazaar in Singapore is complete without food stalls. Nowadays, many feature ethnic specialties too.
Trampoline attraction. Interestingly, there was no one at this. Most people were queuing up for that awesome Starflyer.
Stage area for the Promontory site. This is conveniently located next to several food stalls.
Another view of Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2017 Promontory site. The financial district skyscrapers make for the perfect backdrop, yes?

To share a little, funfairs, fairgrounds, whatever you wish to call them, aren’t at all new to Singapore.

In the 80s, when residential estates were still surrounded by Far Cry 3 worthy “kampong” grounds, miniature ones pop up every now and then to inject colour into dreary suburban life.

In my case, I remember going to these crude (and often muddy) affairs with my mother, and often returning in tears because we NEVER, ever, seem to win anything. Fast forward ten years and we had the smaller UK Funfair/ Uncle Ringo ones springing up all over the island. By then, I have taken the oath to never go dizzy on a coaster again, or retest my ability to ring something with a silly plastic hoop. But … I do still like to wander fairgrounds, right till today. At any time of the day, there’s always a certain magic about them.

Bayfront Site

The Promontory site is the serene and romantic one. Five minutes’ walk away is the Bayfront site, with the screams and scary rides, such as the Mach 5, which towers 55m and spins both with and against the clock to get you high.

I was really rushing for the Last Jedi thingy at this point and so I could only make one quick circuit around the site. I’d probably be returning here several times, though, before the carnival ends in April 2018. Not to try the rides, which I’m dead certain I wouldn’t survive, but to snap more pictures. And to check out the food, guffaw at hollering riders, and so on.

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2017 Bayfront Site.
Queue for the Euro Coaster.
The Das Fun Schiff ride. It means the fun ship, doesn’t it?
Brave, brave revellers looking very calm on the fun ship. Hats off to them!
Ah! My kind of ideal carnival ride.
My amateurish attempt at doing light painting with the Mach 5. Every other photographer at the carnival was attempting this, as far as I can see. (It’s not a Ferris Wheel, BTW.)
More psychedelic experimentation using the Mach 5.
I can’t get enough of it! It’s like a stargate!

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2017 is ongoing till Apr 1, 2018. Entry is free but rides and games require credits which can be purchased at the carnival itself or online. Note that different rides require different amounts of credits!

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2018 Writeup.

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Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2017
Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2017, billed as Singapore’s largest carnival of the year, opened its grounds to the public on Dec 15.


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