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Christmas Light-Up in Singapore Part 3 | Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2017

Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2017.
Supertrees grove and luminarie during Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2017

Pictures from my mid-week outing to Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2017.

It began three years ago. Or was it four? Two?

Gardens by the Bay established itself as a permanent attraction of Singapore’s annual Christmas festive light-up with stunning Italian luminarie displays. Kaleidoscopic and dazzling to behold, these elaborate light structures resemble constructs right out of a fairy tale – a Christmas fairy tale, of course.

Having experienced “enthusiastic” crowds in past years, I chose a Wednesday this time round to check them out. Here are the pictures I took!

The Meadows

Similar to last year, the grounds for Christmas Wonderland 2017 are pretty spread out.

I began the evening at The Meadows, the field area at the western end of Gardens where two key attractions are: Santa’s Grotto and Skating under the Stars. Here is also where Savour is, this being a collection of stalls selling gourmet cuisine.

Savour. The stalls surround an eating area with free-seating tables.
I usually do not eat at funfairs and outdoor markets. But the aroma for this Dry-Aged Roasted Beef Salad by Saint Pierre was really irresistible.
And then I succumbed to … wine tasting. Ten dollars for a cup to sample near 20 bottles.
The Christmas tree entrance “grove” of Santa’s Grotto.
The grotto is actually an indoor display of Christmas light sculptures. Similar to Universal Journey from last year, but smaller in scale.
Reindeers everywhere! These probably had to do with the lucky draw of the grotto. Winners get to visit Lapland, Finland.
Don’t you feel happy just looking at him?

By the way, Ethiopian Dreams by Circus Abyssinia is also at The Meadows. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any evening show tickets, and thus had to forgo it. 🙁 (Tip for tourists keen on performances during Singapore festivals. It’s nowadays imperative to get your tickets WAY in advance.)

The Fairground

The Fairground is adjacent to the Meadows and features carnival games and rides. Being really, really sucky at such games, and obviously over-aged, I just cruised by this zone.

The Fairground, Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2017.
Prizes for some of the games. Is there some sort of light-vs-dark theme going on here? I … really doubt Olaf is a match for Lord Vader.

Festive Market @ Supertree Grove

Update Jan 2, 2018: I rewatched The Godfather Trilogy over the festive week, and guess what, luminaries appear in Part 2. They graced the party grounds in the first Michael segment. Guess luminaries are indeed as Italian as it gets

As expected, the star attraction of Christmas Wonderland 2017 is right at the heart of the Supertree Grove. Called Spalliera, the 22.5 m tall luminarie is also the venue for the immensely popular Blizzard Time tropical snowfall.

There’s also a festive market here. With … more food on sale!
From certain angles, Spalliera feels like a celestial pathway leading to heaven.
Kaleidoscopic, yes?
Lights off for the luminarie prior to the Garden Rhapsody and Blizzard Time performances.
Let it snow …
Let it SNOW …

Poinsettia Wishes 2017 @ Flower Dome

The Flower Dome is not part of the grounds for Christmas Wonderland 2017. Since I was already there, though, I decided to check out the Poinsettia Wishes i.e. this year’s ticketed Christmas festive display.

This was also the first time I’m visiting the Flower Dome after dark. The Christmas displays were lovely, but what really blew me away was how spectacular the dome is at night.

Oh-Christmas-Tree(s) at the entrance.
Overview of Poinsettia Wishes.
Cottage at the heart of the centrepiece.
At the stroke of midnight, all come to life in magical song and dance …
This visit to the Flower Dome was particularly enjoyable for me, one reason being the tourist hordes were over at the Supertrees. The whole dome was serene and blissful.
Don’t you feel the illusion of being within a snow globe?

Other Luminaries of Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2017

I’d call this one the Three Kings.
The tunnel-of-light at the entrance. Come to think of it, these luminaries look Thai, Moorish, and Baroque at the same time?

There’d be one more post in this series on Christmas in Singapore 2017, the final one to come just before the big day. Meanwhile, check out Part 1 and Part 2!

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Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2017
Dazzling luminaries once again grace Gardens by the Bay to welcome Christmas. Here are pictures from my evening at Christmas Wonderland 2017.


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