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Scribbling Geek’s Sleeping Dogs Hong Kong Exploration 3 – Central and the Rest

Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay at night.
Sleeping Dogs Hong Kong Exploration - Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay

The rest of my “Sleeping Dogs” Hong Kong exploration pictures. These cover Central, Aberdeen, and in a very limited way … Kennedy Town.

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Central and the Rest

Tragically, I discovered during my Hong Kong trip that I am nowhere near being Officer Wei Shen as far as physical prowess is concerned.

By the third night of my visit, my legs were screaming for me to take it easy. (And I was screaming each time I got up after prolonged sitting) Luckily for me, though, my first hotel was within the Central district; mere minutes from the heart of it, for that matter.

On and off during mornings departures and evening returns, I did manage to snap some Sleeping Dogs related pictures of Central district. The opportunities were not wasted, so to speak.

Central (中環)

Game screenshots complete property, etc, etc, of Sleeping Dogs creators!

Sleeping Dogs Hong Kong Exploration – The Court of Final Appeal Building in Central.
A comparison screenshot from my earlier series in June. Compared to the real-life version, the one in the game feels more elaborated.
Skyscrapers of Central. Including the towering International Finance Centre.
I don’t remember any major events in or around it. But the IFC is in the game.
The highly distinctive exterior of the HSBC Headquarters. One of the most recognisable buildings in Hong Kong.
“More or less” in the game as well. Next to it is the Bank of China Tower, which I’ve already shown in my previous post.
Statue Square at night with the Court of Final Appeal all lit up. This open space at the heart of everything really reminded me of the various green spaces in the Central District of the game. (It’s likely what the ones in the game are based on. Forgive the noise too; it’s the best my G4 could do.)
The world famous Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Photographed from Tsim Sha Tsui. Showing this because …
It’s in the game too! By the way, the real HKCEC is not in Central; it’s in Wan Chai. But Sleeping Dogs considers the two neighbourhoods as one.
Alright. This isn’t even on Hong Kong Island; this is Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon. Showing this because …
A similar feel?

Aberdeen (香港仔) and Kennedy Town (堅尼地城)

Dining at Aberdeen’s famous Floating Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant (Sleeping Dogs Final Stage!) was high on my list of “things-to-do” when planning for this trip. However, after examining the menu, I concluded it was just unsuitable for solo dining.

Neither could I find any reliable information on whether the restaurant was still offering buffet-style options.

In the end, I decided I would … give Aberdeen a miss. What I’m saying is, I can only offer you two pictures I took of the area. These were shot from Ocean Park Summit.


Daytime Aberdeen. That bridge would be where, you know, Wei Shen crosses over to reach his safe house.
The night version. I’m sure you can tell where the floating restaurant is.

Kennedy Town

I confess. I skipped Kennedy Town because of fatigue. There’s no excuse for that, given there’s a direct subway service to the district nowadays. But … Oh well. I still have this …


That’s all for this video game tourist series on Sleeping Dogs and Hong Kong exploration. If you haven’t, please check out my other series!

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Scribbling Geek’s Sleeping Dogs Hong Kong Exploration 3 – Central and the Rest
Part 3 of my Sleeping Dogs themed Hong Kong exploration series. I “check out” the rest of the areas featured in United Front’s masterpiece.


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