Scribbling Geek’s Sleeping Dogs Hong Kong Exploration 1 – North Point Night Market

North Point Night Market Visit inspired by United Front's Sleeping Dogs.
North Point Night Market Visit.

Pictures from my video game tourist trip to North Point Night Market (北角夜市). A short visit inspired by my favourite open-world triad game, Sleeping Dogs.

Right. You’d know from my latest diary posts that I recently spent a few days in Hong Kong. There’s a long story behind this trip, most of it involving how I painfully cancelled another trip I’ve been planning since June, no thanks to two blockheads who can’t stop talking about nuclear fire.

But, to snip the irrelevant, I ended up spending six tiring, splendid, wonderful days in the dazzling Pearl of the Orient. One reason why I enjoyed this trip so much being …

I got to imagine myself as Officer Wei Shen of Sleeping Dogs fame!

Well, not exactly imagine myself as Wei Shen. I mean, I don’t have tattoos, and the Lord knows what I’d do right away if I ever walk into a triad fight.

But visit the locations that inspired Sleeping Dogs’ open-world I did do, while dreamily serenaded by my favourite songs from the soundtrack. The following are pictures I took at North Point Night Market (北角夜市) i.e. “stage one” of Sleeping Dogs. Was the version in the game a faithful replica of the actual night market at North Point? As in the one located along Marble Road and Chun Yeung Street?

Well, no, not at all. Yet at the same time, it’s also a yes in some ways. What do I mean? Read on to find out!

For your convenience of comparison, I’m including screenshots from the Definitive Edition of the game. (I finally bought it, cheapskate me)
Needless to say, copyright of these shots belongs to United Front.

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North Point Night Market

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Scribbling Geek’s Not-So-Gangsterly Visit of North Point Night Market (北角夜市)

Before all else, some geographical information.

If you do a search in Google Maps for North Point Hong Kong, you’d immediately notice the actual neighbourhood is quite different from the one in the game. It doesn’t occupy a quarter of Hong Kong Island; I think the actual size is not even a tenth. The real North Point is also more of a horizontal stretch and not a square block. What’s shown in the game is probably inclusive of adjacent Quarry Bay.

As for the night market, it is roughly at the heart of the neighbourhood, just a minute’s walk from North Point MTR subway station. Compared to the version in the game, the actual market is much smaller, with products sold meant more for cooking and daily living.

Overall, the impression I got was also that although United Front explicitly named it as “North Point night market” in the game, they based their version on the more famous Temple Street market over in Kowloon. You do get a Sleeping Dogs feel while visiting the real deal in North Point, but it requires quite a bit of fanboy imagination.

Update 2018: This is embarrassing. I’ve always thought the in-game map was inaccurate in geographical placement. I only just realise that’s not so at all, I only felt that way because I didn’t realise the game map is not orientated to the north. Rotate it anti-clockwise by 90 degrees and there it is. Hong Kong Island.

Exiting North Point MTR Station

Sleeping Dogs Golden Koi Restaurant
Let’s begin with this. Golden Koi. One of the key locations of the game.

If you’ve played the game, I’m sure you’d remember Golden Koi. (Pronounced in Cantonese as Kam Lun) Not only was it the starting point for the main story, it was also the venue for one of the most horrific, unexpected cutscenes in the game.

Cantonese Opera theatre at North Point, Hong Kong
Sunbeam Theatre. A landmark of North Point and a famous performance venue for Cantonese opera.

You’d see Sunbeam Theatre right away if you exit North Point MTR Station using Exit B1. What’s noteworthy about it, for Sleeping Dogs fans, is also the unlit signboard at the upper left corner of my picture. The one with the characters 金龍. (Pronounced in Cantonese as Kam Loong)

Those characters mean golden dragon and are just one character away from Golden Koi. It’s also a signboard for a restaurant. Did this inspire Mrs. Chu’s restaurant in the game? Your guess is as good as mine!

Marble Road Stretch (馬寶道)

On to the night market! What resembles the district in the game begins at an alley behind Sunbeam Theatre. This stretch of Marble Road was closed to vehicles during my visit and there were several apparel stalls lining the roadside. Many of these resemble the ones in Sleeping Dogs, yes? None of the stall owners were … atmospherically beckoning customers, though.

North Point Marble Road (馬寶道) in Hong Kong.
Roadside stalls at Marble Road.
North Point Marble Road.
Wouldn’t you love to see Wei Shen in one of these?
North Point Marble Road accessories stall
Accessories and collectibles for you to increase your Face XP gain! (Hang + Sui!)
Hong Kong Herbal Tea Shop.
Herbal tea! One cup and I can battle all night. Ahem.

Of note, contributors at TripAdvisor have highlighted that Marble Road is not a night market. To be frank, I agree. The “market” is really just a stretch of pedestrianised road with budget clothing stalls.

Chun Yeung Street Stretch (春秧街)

What’s considered the actual North Point Night Market is at the western end of Marble road, across the Tong Shui Road flyover. Officially called Chun Yeung Street (春秧街), this is where the action is, so to speak. With reference to the game, the fresh produce stalls here would be where Mrs. Chu buys her cooking ingredients every day.

Chun Yeung Street Night Market.
Chun Yeung Street Night Market.
North Point Wet Market
This bazaar is really more of a fresh produce place.
North Point Market watches.
It’s 90 percent fresh produce, but there are still some accessories stores. No Cambria or Ikoze models, unfortunately. 🙁
North Point Night Market Bun Stall Sign
No pork bun!!! Nearest is veggie-meat bun and char siew bun. How am I going to be a man now?!?! HOW!
North Point Apartments, Hong Kong
North Point apartments above the night market. Could an undercover cop be hiding in one of these?
Chun Yeung Street North Point
A down-the-street view. The real North Point night market is a one-road stretch of about a hundred metres. Not the square loop presented in the game. There’s no dragon wall too.

Sleeping Dogs Screenshots for Comparison

Sleeping Dogs North Point night market gate
Nowhere was there such a gate near Chun Yeung Street. But there are two over in Kowloon at the Temple Street night market. By the way, the Chinese characters on the gate means “Kowloon Market.”
Sleeping Dogs North Point night market food stall
No such food stalls in the middle of Chun Yeung Street too.
Sleeping Dogs North Point night market lights
As domestic marketplaces, neither Marble Road nor Chun Yeung Street had so many neon signs. Honestly, this scene from the game feels more like the Kowloon Mong Kok area i.e. where Ladies’ Market is.


As mentioned earlier, the actual North Point night market is quite different than the one in Sleeping Dogs, though if you were to examine closely, there are still some resemblances.

For me, what’s closest in feel is probably the cacophony of sounds. Shop owners were enthusiastically promoting their goods, shoppers were bargaining equally energetically. Close your eyes, while off the tram tracks, and it’s not difficult imagining yourself within the Sleeping Dogs world.

A brand new watch tightly hugging your wrist would likely enhance the illusion.

Along King’s Road (英皇道)

King’s Road is the thoroughfare that slices through North Point. Not entirely satiated by my visit to the night market, I decided to stroll alongside it for a while. Guess what? I immediately had an SD moment.

King's Road Overpass in North Point
Overpasses like this are all over Hong Kong. But hey, this is North Point. Don’’t you wanna lose your shirt and charge up the stairs to whack the **** out of a bunch of hooligans?
King's Road North Point, Hong Kong
Taken from the overpass, and my most satisfying shot that evening.
Sleeping Dogs North Point Night Driving
A similar scene from the game.

Incidentally, I took my final shot of King’s Road while listening to The Crossing by Celestial. Its hypnotic strums and the surrounding lights got me quite high!

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Scribbling Geek’s Sleeping Dogs Hong Kong Exploration 1 – North Point Night Market
Article Name
Scribbling Geek’s Sleeping Dogs Hong Kong Exploration 1 – North Point Night Market
Part 1 of my Sleeping Dogs Hong Kong exploration series. Like the game itself, let’s start with North Point Night Market (北角夜市) i.e. Chun Yeung Street!

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