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Jigsaw (2017 Movie) regurgitates the best moments of the franchise. And it goes no further than that

Jigsaw movie review - 5 thumbs up and 3 thumbs down.
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Jigsaw (2017 Movie) Synopsis

Five strangers wake up to find themselves imprisoned within a barn of torturous traps and devices. Progressively, they succumb to the devices and their bodies are dumped all over town. As the corpses bear the signature of the Jigsaw Killer, authorities begin to fear the emergence of a copycat killer. Is this really the case? Or has John Kramer somehow found a way to continue his ghastly work ten years after his death?

Snappy Review

I have conflicted feelings towards the Saw franchise.

Though flawed, the first two entries firmly remain on my list of favourite horror movies.

In fact, the first Saw movie was the movie that got me firmly hooked on the horror genre. As for the rest of the episodes, while I wouldn’t say they were as bad as the slasher sequels of the 80s, they were unmistakably insipid. They were more gory and violent, but as classic examples of thematic overkill, all also unfailingly bored with their repetitive, banal brutality within minutes of opening.

And then there’s Jigsaw. I think what made Jason, Chucky, even Freddy … endearing was the fact that they were not infallible. On the other hand, Jigsaw i.e. John Kramer was increasingly portrayed as omniscient, if not outright immortal.

All these contributed to Jigsaw (2017 Movie) being a mixed bag for me. Production and acting were reasonable, and it was thrilling to be reacquainted with Jigsaw after eight years. So to speak.

Yet, as an enthusiastic homage, the movie seriously did no more than to repeat the expected and the favourite from previous episodes. To paraphrase what other reviews have said, there was simply no surprise. I could even say there wasn’t a signature Saw twist at the end for me; I saw what was coming from miles away.

Now, by saying so, I don’t mean the movie was a terrible disappointment, there were some gripping moments. But if intended to revive or revitalise the franchise, I seriously doubt the movie would succeed.

It would gratify ex-fans like me, encourage us to consider buying some blu-rays or merchandise. (Or having a Saw-themed meal!) Increase the fan base? Restart the franchise? I don’t think so.


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