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Neptune's Restaurant.
Neptune's Restaurant.

Tried Ocean Park’s Halloween festive Saw Set Menu, and had a close encounter with the Jigsaw Killer!

Right. The bulk of my previous post was about Halloween celebrations at Ocean Park Hong Kong. Like I mentioned early in that post, other than festive attractions and colourful characters, Ocean Park also offered a Saw Set Menu, a promotion in conjunction with the release of the new Saw movie, Jigsaw.

When I read about this online a week before my visit, I decided right away that I MUST go for the festive meal when at the park. (I used to be a big Saw fan, till the stories became ridiculous) How was the experience? Take a look at my pics and judge for yourself. 🙂

The Restaurant Ambience

Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2017 festive menus . (恐懼斗室主題套餐)
The menus. I had the ADULT set for lunch at Neptune’s Restaurant, located within the Grand Aquarium.
Interior of Neptune's Restaurant, Ocean Park Hong Kong
Neptune’s Restaurant itself. Main attraction of this place is naturally the aquarium backdrop. (Check out the Saw table cover)

Saw Set Menu (Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2017)

Saw Set Menu: Poached Shrimp Ravioli with Truffle Cream and Tomato Sauce
Appetizer: Poached Shrimp Ravioli with Truffle Cream and Tomato Sauce.

This appetizer was “okay,” although I didn’t care too much for the sauce. The ravioli itself strongly reminded me of Cantonese-style prawn dumpling i.e. wanton. Actually, that’s what the Chinese name says. I didn’t know wanton was ravioli in Italian. (LOL)

Saw Set Menu - Bell Pepper and Tomato Soup.
Soup: Bell Pepper and Tomato Soup.

Presentation of the soup wasn’t too inspirational or Saw-like, as you can see. But I love anything made with pepper and so this was quite tasty for me.

Saw Set Menu main dish: Seafood Risotto Stuffed in Pimento with Tomato and Pumpkin Puree
Saw Set Menu main dish: Seafood Risotto Stuffed in Pimento with Tomato and Pumpkin Puree.

When I first discovered the menu online, the item that immediately captured my eye was the dish featuring Billy’s face. (You can see that a little in one of the above pics)

Unfortunately, that’s made with Sea Bass, which I strongly dislike. Not an oxtail eater as well, I was then left with just one option, the above-shown seafood risotto.

Overall, this was decent, if a little too “healthy” in taste, if you know what I mean. As for the presentation, I regret to say I was rather disappointed.

It did feel like two lumps of someone’s insides, with the syringe of salad dressing an additional nice touch. On the other hand, the overall look really didn’t resemble what was promoted on the menu, the latter having a much more meaty look with veins and everything.

Perhaps some sort of ham should have been used as the wrap instead.


Saw Set Menu: Coconut with Charcoal Chocolate Mousse.
Last but not least, the dessert. Coconut with Charcoal Chocolate Mousse.

The mousse/cake itself was delicious. But the layer on top of it i.e. the play me bit, was kinda hard and papery. It was pretty tasteless too.


I’d say this at the risk of incurring Jigsaw’s wrath for not being appreciative.

This Saw Set Menu didn’t quite live up to expectations. Taste was average. The presentation of the main course was somewhat lacklustre too.

On hindsight, I ought to have ordered the Sea Bass for the main course; that at least would have given me Billy’s face up close and personal to swoon over.

But oh well, there’s always next Halloween and the next trip. One thing I’m certain of. This definitely wouldn’t be the last time Jigsaw extends his nefarious presence into food and tourism.

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Saw Set Menu Lunch at Ocean Park Hong Kong
Article Name
Saw Set Menu Lunch at Ocean Park Hong Kong
Had the Saw Set Menu for lunch while visiting Ocean Park Hong Kong on Halloween Weekend. It was a gory and macabre encounter with Jigsaw.

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