Home Diary Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2017 | Oct 16, 2017

Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2017 | Oct 16, 2017

Little India Deepavali Light Up 2017
Little India Deepavali Light Up 2017

Originally intended to write this post on Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2017 right after my Mid-Autumn festival ones, but was unfortunately ill for a fortnight, on top of being swarmed with office work. (Thus the lack of posts since early October. Excuses, excuses!)

Finally made my way there last night, though, before the big day is over and gone. The following are my photos from that brief, one-hour visit.

My usual “because I got there before dark” early evening shot. Love this showpiece, by the way. Update Jun 2018: The elephants seem to now be a permanent installation.
This was taken around 6.30 pm. You can see how crowded the streets already were.

Like the Mid-Autumn and Geylang Serai celebrations, the Little India Deepavali light-up is one of the major ethnic festive celebrations of Singapore, hosted yearly at the southern end of Serangoon Road.

For a brief period between 2012 and 2014, when I was involved with some community work, I visited the light-ups pretty regularly, and without fail, was always entranced by the vibrant mix of colours, smells and sounds.

Anyhow, while waiting for nightfall this year, I decided to try elbowing my way into the festive market at Campbell Lane. This ended up not being that great an idea – the alley full of festive shoppers, shoulder-to-shoulder. I barely covered a third of the market before forced to retreat.

Exotic garlands on sale.
Henna Painting at the entrance to the Campbell Lane festive market.
Gorgeous, isn’t it? It feels very … 3D.
Indian oil lamps on sale.
Deepavali Festive snacks. I couldn’t get close enough to the stall keeper for samples. 🙁
Erm, I believe this is Lady Saraswati, Hindu Goddess of Wisdom. There were many objects for veneration on sale in the festive bazaar. (In Japan, she’s worshipped as Benzaitian, one of the seven lucky gods.)

Tekka Market and Food Centre

Abandoning Campbell Lane, I went over to Tekka Market and Food Centre. It was almost just as crowded. And equally as lively.

Saree alley at Tekka Market. I think every colour of the Pantone chart is represented here.
More sarees and punjabi dresses on sale! With price indications …
Ladies, wouldn’t you want to be in one of these?
Some gold to go along with the sarees.

And at 7 Pm …

Mr. Elephant takes on a whole new look.
The grand entrance for Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2017.
Further up Serangoon Road. Some HDR toning was applied to this shot.
Nearby Race Course Road was lit up for the Festival of Lights too.
Another view of the grand entrance of Little India Deepavali Festive Light-Up 2017. With human and vehicle traffic.

Hereby wishing all Hindu readers a Happy Deepavali/Diwali!
And if you happen to be in Singapore, this year’s Deepavali festive light-up is ongoing till November 12th. Go have a look!

Little India Deepavali Festive Light-Up 2018.

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Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2017
Went to Serangoon Road to check out Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2017. It was a potpourri of colours, scents, and festive human traffic!


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