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Let’s Enjoy A Hong Kong Trip with Sleeping Dogs 3 – Central & Victoria Peak

Sleeping Dogs Screenshot
Touring Hong Kong with Sleeping Dogs - Central & Victoria Peak

Final part of my video game tourist feature on enjoying a virtual Hong Kong trip with the 2012 open-world adventure game, Sleeping Dogs. I saved the best of Hong Kong Island for this part!

All game screenshots are owned by United Front Games and Square Enix London. Consider getting a copy of Sleeping Dogs today!

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North Point

Aberdeen and Kennedy Town

Central and Victoria Peak

Once More, Our Esteemed Guide for This Virtual Hong Kong Trip, Officer Wei Shen …

“Be with you in a sec.”

Sleeping Dogs Hong Kong Trip Itinerary 3: Central & Victoria Peak

Central (中環)

Central is the affluent business district of Hong Kong Island, but in Sleeping Dogs’ virtual Hong Kong, it encompasses the Sheung Wan, Wan Chai, and Causeway Bay precincts too.

The most international and modern stretch of the island, some of Asia’s tallest buildings are found here. Central is also where Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong’s most famous nightlife area, is located.

As one of the first places developed by British colonists, Central additionally contains a good number of European colonial-style buildings. For tourists, the most recognizable ones would be the Cenotaph and The Court of Final Appeal at Statue Square.

Lastly, with Central also home to a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment establishments, and with direct transportation to the HKIA, the area is a must-visit for practically anyone visiting Hong Kong. One more thing, the famous Peak Tram is located on the outskirts of Central. If you are going up to Victoria Peak via that, you have to pass through this bustling heart of Hong Kong Island.

Central Picture References

Classic view of Central District and Victoria Peak from the sea.
A double-decker tram. One of the tourism symbols of Hong Kong.
Lan Kwai Fong | Source: Wiki.lkfa

Victoria Peak (太平山 or 山頂)

In my opinion, no visit to Hong Kong is complete without a visit to Victoria Peak.

Known as “san deang” in Cantonese, this is a major tourist attraction of the ex-colony and of Asia. Arguably, the view of Victoria Harbour from the Peak beats even that seen from Tsim Sha Chui.

Once the residential district of Europeans during colonial times, Victoria Peak is nowadays also an assortment of public parks and VERY high-value residential properties. The area surrounding the actual summit is furthermore a tourist playground with many attractions, all centred on the oddly shaped Peak Tower.

So I’ve been told, that wok/bowl shape is intentional. Capping the highest point of Hong Kong Island, Peak Tower symbolises the best of Hong Kong capturing the riches of the world. (Monumental Feng Shui, in other words)

Update Nov 2017: Read my post on photo taking at Victoria Peak!

Victoria Peak Picture References

Day view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.
The Peak Tram. A must-do when touring Hong Kong?
The iconic Peak Tower. There are various restaurants, shops, and entertainment facilities in it.

Sleeping Dogs: Central (Day)

“Ready for our final day of touring Hong Kong?”
“You guys know what this building is. I … I don’t like to be near it. Go check it out yourself.”
“No need to ask. I’ve scheduled two hours of shopping time for you.”
“I think the wonderful thing about touring Hong Kong is that there are so many different things to see. Would you believe we are just 30 minutes from North Point? All right, lunch time. Then … more shopping. Before we head up to San Deang.”

Sleeping Dogs: Victoria Peak

“Weather seems good.”
“I know, I know. I spoke too soon.”
“Quickly! Over there.”
“You’re lucky. It’s only a drizzle, again. So, how’s the view? Up to your expectations?”
“I think this is one of the most stunning nightviews in the world.”
“You want a picture of me?! Fine … Just do it and we can return to Central for dinner.”

Sleeping Dogs: Central (Night)

“Hong Kong travel tip for you. The view from The Peak is awesome. But so are the ones on the way up and down.”
“We’ll have dinner here before heading over to our final destination for this tour.”
“Yeah!! Let the real action begin!”

More References

The Court of Final Appeal. | Source: Baycrest
Victoria Harbour as seen from The Peak. © Lakhesis | Dreamstime.com – Night View Of Hong Kong Skyline And Victoria Harbor Photo

With that, I conclude this video game tourist series on enjoying a virtual Hong Kong trip with Sleeping Dogs.
Please consider getting a copy of the game.
If you haven’t, I hope you get to visit Hong Kong someday too!
I have completed a second series! Check it out!

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Sleeping Dogs: A Virtual Hong Kong Trip Part 3 – Central & Victoria Peak
Final part of my mini feature on touring Hong Kong with Sleeping Dogs. Let’s visit affluent Central and breath taking Victoria Peak!


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