Let’s Enjoy A Hong Kong Trip with Sleeping Dogs 2 – Aberdeen & Kennedy Town

Let’s Enjoy A Hong Kong Trip with Sleeping Dogs - Aberdeen & Kennedy Town.
Let’s Enjoy A Hong Kong Trip with Sleeping Dogs - Aberdeen & Kennedy Town.

Part two of my mini feature on enjoying a virtual Hong Kong trip with the 2012 open-world triad adventure game, Sleeping Dogs.

In this post, we visit two areas in Hong Kong Island that are a little alike.

Aberdeen, also known as Hong Kong Jai or “son of Hong Kong” in Cantonese.

And Kennedy Town. A peaceful residential district in the west of Hong Kong Island that’s quite often overlooked by tourists.

All game screenshots are owned by United Front Games and Square Enix London. Consider getting a copy of Sleeping Dogs today!

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North Point

Aberdeen and Kennedy Town

Central and Victoria Peak

Our Guide for Today’s Hong Kong Trip, Trainer Wei Shen …

Wei Shen using the toilet.
“What the … OUTSIDE. Wait OUTSIDE!”

Sleeping Dogs Hong Kong Trip Itinerary 2: Aberdeen & Kennedy Town

Sleeping Dogs shirtless Wei Shen on Motorbike.
“Hmpf. Let’s get going. We have a lot of ground to cover today.”

Aberdeen (香港仔)

Although I’ve been to Hong Kong a couple of times, I’ve never spent any real time in Aberdeen. Mostly, I was just passing through while on my way to other areas.

What I remember about this southern tip of Hong Kong Island are thus only the famous landmarks. The towering apartments sandwiched by Victoria Peak and the sea. That floating Jumbo restaurant. The seafront with many different vessels …

In general, the whole of Aberdeen felt affluent and relaxed to me, almost like a vacation village. It’s also obvious that the district has embraced the best of its historical and geographical advantages for tourism profit. Given the opportunity, I wouldn’t mind spending a month or two vacationing here.

Aberdeen Picture References

Waterfront apartments in Abderdeen, Hong Kong
Waterfront apartments in Aberdeen, Hong Kong. | Source: Wpcpey
Aberdeen Harbour.
Vessels between Aberdeen & Ap Lei Chau. | Source: Ceeseven
Hong Kong's famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant.
The famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant. A must-visit for any Hong Kong tour?

Kennedy Town (堅尼地城)

Kennedy Town isn’t on the itinerary of most tourists to Hong Kong. (Unless you count passing by it while on a ferry to Cheung Chau) In my case, I didn’t even know about the district before playing Sleeping Dogs.

One of the most “remote” residential districts on Hong Kong Island, unconnected by subway till 2014, Kennedy Town used to contain various unpopular public infrastructure. Buildings such as incineration plants, mortuaries, abattoirs, and so on.

With developable land running out on Hong Kong Island in the 90s, though, reclamation works began in the north of the district. The incineration plants and abattoirs have since been closed. In recent years, several luxury residential estates have also been constructed.

Kennedy Town Picture References

Kennedy Town from sea.
Kennedy Town from sea. | Source: Exploringlife
Davis Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Davis Street nightlife. The area has seen an increase in popularity with the extension of the MTR subway system to Kennedy Town. | Source: Wpcpey
Kennedy Town Sports Facilities
Public recreational facilities. | Source: Wpcpey

Sleeping Dogs: Aberdeen

Sleeping Dogs Wei Shen shirtless
“Our first program of the day, morning exercise. Do whatever I’m doing. Try to keep up.”
Sleeping Dogs Wei Shen Tattoos
“We end with 20 minutes jogging. Keep up and stop staring at my tattoos!!”
Wei Shen buying curry fish balls.
“All warmed up for the day? Good. Let’s grab breakfast before we leave.”
A Hong Kong Tour with Sleeping Dogs
“Our second location for the day is in between Aberdeen and Kennedy Town.”
Let’s Enjoy A Hong Kong Trip with Sleeping Dogs - Aberdeen
“Nowhere near being a private beach. But the view here is uniquely Hong Kong.”
Sleeping Dogs Gambling Den.
“All right. Do whatever you want to do. We’re here till lunch time. I’d be … attending to some matters over there.”

Sleeping Dogs – Kennedy Town

Sleeping Dogs Motorcycle Riding Screenshot.
“Feeling good from all that sun? Let’s continue to Kennedy Town.”
Rain in Kennedy Town.
“Damn afternoon showers … … About our next destination, officially, you’re supposed to be shopping. REMEMBER that. Remember also not to talk to anyone, and to only bet on ME.”
Sleeping Dogs Martial Arts Club
“You signed up for this tour because of this, didn’t you?”
Sleeping Dogs Combat Moves
“Psst. Punks.”
Wei Shen getting hit
Wei Shen Martial Arts Club Loss.
“What are you looking at? You distracted me!”
Hong Kong Rainy Night Butcher in Games
“S … sorry for what I said. Let’s get back to Aberdeen. By taxi. By the way, have you been told the story of the Rainy Night Butcher?”
Sleeping Dogs Herbal Tea Shop
“Last itinerary for the day. Herbal tea. What’s a Hong Kong trip without trying herbal tea? BUY a cup. You owe it to me for earlier.”

More References

Aberdeen Promenade.
Aberdeen Promenade. Sleeping Dogs did a great job reproducing this. | Source: Wpcpey
Derelict pier building in Aberdeen, Hong Kong.
A rather derelict pier building in Aberdeen.
Kennedy Town from air.
Beautiful aerial view of Kennedy Town. | Source: Minghong

Like what you see? Get yourself a copy of Sleeping Dogs today! It’s a must have for video game tourists!

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Sleeping Dogs: A Virtual Hong Kong Trip Part 2 – Aberdeen and Kennedy Town
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Sleeping Dogs: A Virtual Hong Kong Trip Part 2 – Aberdeen and Kennedy Town
A cyber Hong Kong Trip with United Front’s 2012 masterpiece, Sleeping Dogs. In this post, we visit the residential areas of Aberdeen and Kennedy Town.

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