I Love the Xenomorphs!! | May 14, 2017

Retro Xenomorph Toy.
I love the Xenomorphs.

Just came back from watching Alien: Covenant. The one with the “new” Xenomorphs. It was neither as thrilling nor as scary as I thought it would be.


It’s strange. When watching Alien and Aliens on TV as a kid in the 80s, the Xenomorphs scared the shit out of me. Just a hint of any making an appearance would send me scrambling for cushions and Mr. Cat to hide behind.

Today, I gleefully anticipate the appearance of any on-screen. In fact, I got to say I was a little disappointed with the ones in Covenant, called Neomorphs and Protomorphs and whatever.

Not only were they not as beastly as I hoped for them to be, none would have lasted five minutes with the original Ripley. They certainly also do not hold any candles to her Majesty, the Queen Bitch of the immaculate tail.

But oh well, I suppose these are yet the fully developed ones. Technically, the movie doesn’t even consider them as proper Xenomorphs too. Long way more, down the evolution route.

Movie review of Alien: Covenant coming up! I need time to mull over the movie and undeveloped Xenomorphs first!

I Love the Xenomorphs
Article Name
I Love the Xenomorphs
A little disappointed with Alien: Covenant. The Xenomorphs were not fully developed. And certainly not as scary as the ones in the original movies.


  1. Well, I still get scared by facehuggers. The concept of the creatures is both horrendous or brutal and completely natural to the species.

    As for the Alien movies, the first one is the only who managed to scare the audience, that fought to make people hide from the TV. The movies after went to the genre of gore and gratuitous violence, making people craving for the short appearances of the evil monsters.

    But hey, I love all the Alien movies. I just wished they would start focusing more on the origin and importance of the threat.

    I still have to go watch this last one and I’m looking for to read your review of it.

    • I got this from a very experienced reviewer. The first movie was so horrifying because it played on a woman’s worst fear. That of getting pregnant after rape. The movie also effectively translated that horror for males as well in Aliens.

      And you’re right. The second one moved towards generic slaughter and kill, which was fun for a while but unsustainable. As for this latest one, it’s not bad per say. Just that, it didn’t really expand on the story. You would know what I mean after watching.

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