Let’s Visit Historical Japan with Toukiden Kiwami Part 4 – The Age of Peace

Toukiden Kiwami Screenshot - The Age of Peace
Toukiden Kiwami Screenshot - The Age of Peace

Visiting Japan’s famous Edo Period through Toukiden Kiwami’s Age of Peace.
(All game screenshots are owned by Omega Force and Tecmo Koei Games)

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The Edo Period

The Edo Period, also known as the Tokugawa Shogunate, lasted from AD 1603 to 1868 in Japanese history.

After decades of bloody civil war, legendary warlord Tokugawa Ieyasu emerged victorious and was officially declared Shogun by the Emperor. To consolidate his rule, Ieyasu then set in place a series of harsh controls and established a new eastern capital in the fishing village of Edo.

In fear of foreign influences sowing discord within the newly united country, the third Tokugawa Shogun, Iemitsu, subsequently implement sakoku, or closed-country policy, a policy that effectively isolated Japan from the world.


This isolation stifled political and technological developments but conversely fuelled much flourishing of Japan’s already unique culture. Some of the things the world most associate with Japan today achieved their greatest heights during the Edo period. For example, the art forms of Ukiyo-e and Kabuki.

(More information about Japanese historical periods here)

Toukiden Kiwami Travel Itinerary 4: The Age of Peace

Laws and punishments enacted by the Tokugawa Shoguns were harsh. However, they effectively establish enduring peace and stability during the Edo Period.

Toukiden Kiwami reflects this by depicting The Age of Peace as a serene nightscape surrounding a peaceful town. Streets are lined with graceful teahouses, these, accompanied by large Sakura trees blooming gloriously.

In the distance also looms a classical Japanese castle keep. In the words of the game, a profound silence suffuses the entire area. The only unnatural highlight of this peaceful scene is how it is entirely void of human activity.


Kanazawa Chaiya district.
Edo Period Geisha Teahouses in Kanazawa. | Source: Kakidai
Kochi Castle Keep.
Kochi Castle Keep. | Source: 663highland
A typical Edo Period Machiya, or town house.
A typical Edo Period Machiya, or townhouse. | Source: Amagase

Toukiden Kiwami: The Age of Peace

Let’s Visit Historical Japan with Toukiden Kiwami Part 4 – The Age of Peace
Before all else, dear visitors, you are just in time to see our Sakura trees in full bloom!
Toukiden Kiwami Age of Peace screenshot.
To celebrate Sakura mankai, all shops in the Age of Peace are opened till 4 am in the morning!
Age of Peace screenshot.
How about a romantic stroll beside illuminated canals? (Kindly do not remove the spirit orbs)
Toukiden Kiwami PlayStation 4 Screenshot.
For ¥100,000, you can hang a tiger pelt on our majestic Weeping Sakura tree and make a wish!
Toukiden Kiwami PS4 | The Age of Peace.
If you prefer quieter lodgings, our authentic Toukiden Kiwami machiyas at the outskirts of town are sure to delight.
Dutch Church in Toukiden Kiwami Age of Peace Battleground.
To clarify, Japan wasn’t entirely walled up during the Edo Period. We did allow the Dutch to trade with us at Nagasaki. After the, erm, end of isolation, we even permitted a church to be built there.
Toukiden Kiwami The Age of Peace Anomaly.
By the way, our surroundings are quite lovely too. They are dotted with reconstructions of famous Japanese landmarks.
Toukiden Kiwami PS4  The Age of Peace Anomaly.
Last but not least, our showpiece for the Age of Peace, the incredible Edo Performance Hall! This multi-purpose auditorium is spacious enough for even aerial performances!
Toukiden Kiwami Age of Peace Boss Fight.
A performance in action! Join us in these nightly Whack-the-Oni sessions!

More Real-Life Japan References

Modern Kabuki Performance Hall.
Interior of a modern Kabuki performance hall. Kabuki is one of the greatest cultural products of the Edo Period. | Source: Sumire-Lover
Interior of Nijō Castle, Kyoto.
The sumptuous interior of Nijō Castle, the Tokugawa residence in Kyoto. | Source: Tomomarusan

Our next segment will bring us to the era of the Shinsengumi and Loyalists, the Meiji Restoration!

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Let’s Visit Historical Japan with Toukiden Kiwami Part 4 – The Age of Peace
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Let’s Visit Historical Japan with Toukiden Kiwami Part 4 – The Age of Peace
Toukiden Kiwami Age of Peace review and feature. We take a look at how Japan’s famous Edo Period is featured in this PS4 game.

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