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Let’s Visit Historical Japan with Toukiden Kiwami Part 3 – The Age of War

Toukiden Kiwami Review - The Age of War
Toukiden Kiwami Review - The Age of War

The Age of War, a terrible century of conflict and death.
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Japan’s Warring States Period

Japan’s Warring States period, or Sengoku period (戦国時代), began towards the end of the preceding Ashikaga Shogunate.

In 1467, the Ōnin War (応仁の乱) broke out over who should succeed the reigning Shogun. Though succession was settled in 1477, the Shogun ultimately lost control over the many daimyōs, or feudal lords, controlling Japan. Endless bickering and power-grabbing soon saw Japan tumbling into full-fledged civil war too.

Today, many foreigners visiting Japan are familiar with Japan’s Warring States period, although in most cases, it’s a matter of familiarity with names. It was at the end of this era that the famous Three Sengoku Warlords rose to power i.e. Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Other warlords that are nowadays also internationally famous include Date Masamune, Takeda Shingen, and Uesugi Kenshin. In all cases, it’s thanks to the popularity of Japanese games and Manga that these generals became so well-known.

As for representative architecture, the most prominent representatives of Warring State period construction are the soaring keeps of Japanese castles. After the Ōnin War, every warlord worth his banner built a castle. These castles served both as defensive strongholds and ostentatious expressions of power.

PS: The Azuchi-Momoyama (安土桃山) period refers to the tail end of Japan’s Warring States period. The name came from Nobunaga establishing his seat of power in Azuchi, and Hideyoshi doing so in Momoyama.

(More information about Japanese historical periods here)

Toukiden Kiwami Travel Itinerary 3: The Age of War

Within Toukiden Kiwami, access to the Age of War symbolises an intensification in combat. Correspondingly, the battleground is swathed in blood-like red. Ruined villages and magma rivers are everywhere.

There are still sights to enjoy, despite scenes of dramatic ruin dominating the battleground! In the background looms one of Japan’s most legendary castles in history: Nobunaga’s massive Azuchi Castle. Various locations also offer a peep at how Japan would be, should one of its many volcanoes erupt. Naturally, none of us wish for anything near the latter to happen.

A Note from Our Video Game Tour Guide

Be careful of flowing lava during our tour! It doesn’t burn, but it does leave a terrible stain!

Real-Life References

What we most often associate with Japanese castles nowadays is actually just the keep. Known in Japanese as Tenshukaku.
Reconstruction of the tea room inside Fushimi Castle. Originally built by Hideoyoshi.
Reconstruction of Oda Nobunaga’s Azuchi Castle at Ise Azuchi-Momoyama Bunka Mura Theme Park. The actual castle was destroyed in 1582. Source: 名古屋太郎

Toukiden Kiwami: The Age of War Screenshots

We have atmospherically adjusted environmental ambience to provide that sensation of incessant battle.
In the distance lies our showpiece. A full-scale reconstruction of mighty Azuchi Castle!
In keeping with our theme of Japan’s Warring States period, we regret to inform that there wouldn’t be souvenir shops in this battleground.
Our fiery Mount Fuji photo spot. Please be assured that the lava and steam are illusions. It’s not at all warm here. Your lenses wouldn’t fog up.
Azuchi is not the only castle we have in the Age of War. There are a couple of smaller ones too. All of which could be reserved for special functions.
Visitors with impish children can join our daily scavenger hunts!
The Warring States period saw Japan’s first major use of firearms in warfare. Test your aim with different historical muskets in our shooting fields. Targets provided.
Enjoy dinner inside our glorious reconstruction of Azuchi Castle.
After dinner, be entertained by our nightly cultural show. Up to 4 lucky visitors can participate in the performances each night!

More Real-Life Japan References

Most famous Japanese castles were built during the Warring States period. This is Matsumoto Castle, completed in 1600.
Japan during the Azuchi Momoyama Period. | Source

In my next post, we’ll visit a relatively more peaceful era of historical Japan. the Tokugawa Shogunate!

If you’re thinking of visiting Japanese castles, this site is easily the best guide.

If you enjoyed this tour of historical Japan,
consider getting a copy of Toukiden Kiwami!

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Let’s Visit Historical Japan with Toukiden Kiwami Part 3 – The Age of War
Part three of my visiting historical Japan with Toukiden Kiwami series. This time, we journey through the Age of War, a terrible century of strife.


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