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Let’s Travel the World with Uncharted 4 Part 4 – Libertalia

Let's Travel the World with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End - Libertalia
Let's Travel the World with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End - Libertalia

(All screenshots of gorgeous Libertalia are the property of Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment)

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Uncharted 4 Travel Itinerary 4: Libertalia, Utopia of the Pirate Kings

Libertalia is the most difficult location to write about in this series. First off, there’s no such place in the real world. Even in the game, all we know is that it’s somewhere in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar.

Secondly, as the end destination in Uncharted 4, Libertalia is choked full of features toeing the line between reality and fantasy. There’s are stunning marvels of engineering such as an Atlantis-like half-sunken city. There’s even a hawkish central mountain visible from most locations on the island. This peak itself wouldn’t look too out of place in a land like Mordor.

The closest real-life locations I can associate with Libertalia are thus villas and palaces in former European colonies. Colonies such as India and Malaysia (Malaya). Admittedly, even these do not quite share the same feel as Avery’s ersatz utopia, and nothing certainly feels at all like the labyrinth or ship graveyard in the final chapters.

On the latter, I can only say that Libertalia is overall somewhat like an architectural theme park, one with lots of adventuring and photo hot spots opportunities. If you enjoy visiting such parks, the final chapters of Uncharted 4 are likely to be the most enjoyable for you. They would, of course, also make for a perfect cyber vacation.

Firstly, Some Real-Life References …
Craggy islands and azure seas akin to the ones leading to Libertalia.
Cartegena in Columbia. This wouldn’t look too out of place in Avery’s faux utopia.
Colonial architecture in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Not exactly it, but Kellie’s Castle in Ipoh, Malaysia, wouldn’t look too out of place in Avery’s Libertalia too.
Historical elevator demonstration. If you’ve beaten the game, you’d know why this is here!
And Now To Avery’s Pirate Paradise
The beautiful route to Libertalia in Chapter 12.
It’s a great place to bring your wife for a second honeymoon.
A not-so-pleasant welcome for Nate’s arrival on Libertalia.
Is this Uncharted 4 or Lord of the Rings?
Okay … It’s not that BAD once the weather lets up.
A certain Chinese, Wulingyuan, feel here.
Well-geared tourists. Watch out, Libertalia!
“You will find plenty of exciting things to do on our island!”
“Our local ecology tour departs every Monday and Wednesday at 8 am.”
“Our well maintained network of routes will delight visitors looking to explore at their own leisure.”
“If money’s no concern, we have 12 lovely villas to choose from for accommodation.”
“Do note that we require 3 working days to prepare any of our historical properties for your stay.”
“Our pirates’ graveyard photo spot will leave you spellbound.”
“If money’s an issue, we have a variety of lesser options for you to rest at.”
“Lastly, another view at our most instagrammable spot.”

More Real-Life References

Islands in the Pacific have geographic features similar to Uncharted 4’s Libertalia.
Galleons are nowadays near exclusively used for leisure purposes only.

That’s it for this video game tourist series on travel the world with Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End. If you haven’t, do consider playing the game. Check back regularly too for my next Travel the World with Video Games series!

If you enjoyed this cyber visit of Libertalia,
consider getting a copy of Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End.

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Let’s Travel the World with Uncharted 4 Part 4 – Libertalia
In this final part of my Travel the World with Uncharted 4 series, we visit the island paradise of Libertalia. Dream child of legendary pirate, Henry Avery.


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