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Kong: Skull Island updates the classic tragedy by giving us what we have longed for since 1933. At the cost of diminishing the poignancy of the story.

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Snappy Movie Review | Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island Synopsis

Bill Randa assembles a team of experts and soldiers to map the mysterious Skull Island. On arrival, the team is attacked and decimated by a huge ape-like monster. The survivors then encounter Hank Marlow, a WWII pilot, who has been stranded on Skull Island for decades. Through Marlow, they learn the true nature of King Kong. Rather than a monster, the mighty ape is actually defending the island from subterranean monstrosities.

Snappy Review

A while ago, I toyed with the idea of writing a top-10 wish list about movies. Among all the wild scenarios I had in mind, “King Kong lives (!)” ranked high and mighty.

Yup, how the big ape was gunned down remains one of the worst cinema tragedies for me, ever since I cried bucket of tears watching the 70s remake with my parents. I wanted King Kong to live. I wanted him to, ahem, get the girl too.

Most of all, I wanted the big monkey to ran amok through the city raining havoc and destruction! After what they did, don’t you think those nasty humans deserve trampling by him?

For that reason, I was thrilled when I read about Kong: Skull Island. Finally! Justice long overdue! King Kong is the winner in this one! As for the actual movie, well, I’d say it largely delivers, dishing out one delicious visual candy after another, while having sufficient story in between exhilarating combat sequences to flesh out the tale.

Oh, there’s also the peripheral commentary on the true nature of war. Some viewers would probably find this sanctimonious, but nonetheless, I felt it gives the story an additional layer of sophistication.

The above said and considered, what does disappoint a little is a certain lack of mental connection. This ironically stems from Kong not dying, which beyond the elation, discounts the impact of the whole tale. Somehow, the story is no longer that poignant. I just can’t feel that deeply anymore for the big ape, you know, because he is triumphant.

In hindsight, this conundrum is likely the reason why all previous remakes retained the original ending. I guess it’s just difficult for humans to empathise unless shown the worst consequences of our actions. In my case, this awareness came a little late.

PS: There is an 80s sequel in which King Kong lives, subtly named King Kong Lives. What I mean is King Kong lives in the original movie. (Did I just repeat the phrase thrice?!)


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