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It’s mindless and flawed. But as a movie selling on sexy lethalness, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter delivers.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter review - 6 thumbs up and 4 thumbs down.
Snappy Movie Review | Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Synopsis

Alice awakens in the ruined White House after yet another betrayed by Wesker. The Red Queen then appears and tells her to return to the Hive in Raccoon City. On arrival, Alice discovers a small group of survivors, amongst which is Claire Redfield. After delaying an attack led by Issacs, the group successfully infiltrates the Hive. Within, they discover the full story behind the T-Virus, as well as Alice’s true identity.

Snappy Review

I’ve never played any Resident Evil game. That, I dare say, is the one and only reason why I’ve always enjoyed the live-action adaptations.

For me, the Resident Evil world is Project Alice and T Virus. Not Chris or Jill or Leon or whoever. Correspondingly, I go to the movies to see Alice i.e. the ever-gorgeous Milla Jovovich kick ass. She never disappoints, not even remotely. I always leave the cinema wishing I’m one of those half-undressed undeads she so sexily…

Excuse me, I got distracted.

What I’m saying is, the live-action RE movies never failed to satisfy me. That is, as action, popcorn flicks. The same goes for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, and I would even say this supposed last instalment is a small cut above recent predecessors, given the movie is brave enough to put an end to a story that’s honestly starting to feel old. (Very old)

Having said that, let me state that I’m not oblivious to the many flaws of Final Chapter. To give some examples, an abundance of WTF moments and god devices that keep popping up everywhere. (Ammo waiting for you in a corridor, like in a game. Yeah …)

But seriously, who watches a movie like this for plot? It’s all about gore and sexy lethalness, eh? In those areas, Final Chapter fully delivers. Admittedly it’s all very predictable, including the ending. But nonetheless, everything was still deeply entertaining.

Very entertaining.

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