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My video game articles on HubPages.My video game articles on HubPages.

Here’s a list of video game articles I’ve written for

I’m what some gamers call, a cheapskate player i.e. I usually only buy video games after they are discounted for being “old.” In other words, few of these articles involve new releases.

You Will Love These Yakuza 0 Substories

I started playing Sega’s Yakuza series because of their incredible virtual renditions of modern Japan. I was thrilled to discover there were hundreds of colourful side stories in them too.

Kiryu Kazuma aniki.
Kiryu Kazuma is now and forever my aniki.


5 Reasons Why You Should Play Civilization

Simply put, this is the video game series you must encourage children to play. Just ensure they do not succumb to the “one more turn” syndrome.

Civilization IV Screenshot.
Civilization. The perfect example of how a video game can be both entertaining and educational.

5 Reasons Why You Should Play World of Warcraft: Legion

After the meh that was Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard mostly redeemed itself with this 2016 expansion.

WoW Legion Loading Screen
Legion reuses one of the oldest WOW storylines. But it also has tons of new stuffs.

My Favourite Books from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Other than its award-winning open world, what’s really impressive about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the incredible amount of lore in it. Lore presented via in-game books.

But it is huge! It could take me all night!
But it is huge! It could take me all night!

25 Things to Know About Castlevania

A “factsheet” about the legendary Konami video game series, Castlevania. Incidentally, also my favourite platformer since 1986.

Konami's Castlevania Series
The must-knows about Konami’s legendary Castlevania Series.

20 Real Life Castles For Castlevania Fans

I adore European castles. A love that began when I played my first Castlevania game in 1986.

Budapest Vajdahunyad Castle
Vajdahunyad Castle of Budapest. I saw this in 2012 and went, “Castlevania!”

10 Retro Games & Series I’m Waiting For Remakes

As of January 2020, there’s still little hope of full and proper remakes for any of these classic video game titles.

Retro Japanese video games manuals.
Not to sound mawkish, but these games made me what I am today.

Retro Video Games for Ninja Fans

Fond of Shinobi, the mythical black-clad assassins of medieval Japan? Here are some of the greatest retro video games based on ninjas.

The Revenge of Shinobi Opening Screen
The Revenge of Shinobi. One of the best Sega ninja games ever.

PS4 Games to Experience Japan With

Thanks to the wonders of graphic and audio technology, one can easily visit Japan anytime with these PlayStation 4 masterpieces.

Let's travel the Edo Period with Toukiden Kiwami!
You can visit all of Japan’s most important historical periods with this one PlayStation 4 game.

Check out the retro video game articles on this site too!

4 Retro Famicom Games to Experience China With

5 Retro Famicom Games to Play Before and During Your Japanese Holiday

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