Year-End Dinner at Basilico | Dec 22, 2016

Basilico Singapore Dinner
My main dish for the night. Braised Beef Cheek Cannelloni on Light Parmesan Velouté. This was flavourful without being heavy. Which was great 'cos I over-indulged in the appetizer.

Thereabout this time every year, I would splurge on a year-end dinner. Typically, I would opt for a buffet-style meal. I would also choose a western establishment, as that allows me to enjoy Christmas festive dishes.

This dinner is, of course, to celebrate the end of the year. That said, it doesn’t actually contain any sort of congratulatory or thanksgiving note. I still go even if the year was miserable, albeit to a (much) cheaper restaurant.

Over time, this evolved into one of my many rituals for the calendar year. Last two weeks of December. Start checking out what’s on promotion. Make the reservation, go, glut, start looking forward to the one next year. Start looking forward to the next dinner twelve months away.

Oh, one thing, I always have this year-end dinner alone. It’s year-end quality time for me and myself. 🙂

Anyway, for this year, I decided to return to the Italian restaurant I went to in 2014, this being Basilico at Regent Hotel Singapore. I decided to return for I greatly enjoyed their semi-buffet dinner the previous time, particularly the appetizer spread with so many types of cheeses and so many types of condiments.

There was the immaculate service in 2014, which was attentive without ever being intrusive. In short, Basilico had exactly what I was looking for. This being a slow, leisurely meal, with all sorts of exotic food options for me to go geeky over.

Basilico Semi Buffet Spread
I adore the semi-buffet at Basilico for their wide selection of Italian cheeses at the appetizer table. Nearly every type is accompanied by a unique condiment.
Basilico Singapore.
Different types of salami at the appetizer table. I took this picture near the end of the evening, and you can see that these appetizers were quite popular.
Braised Beef Cheek Cannelloni on Light Parmesan Velouté at Basilico Singapore.
My main dish for this year-end dinner. Braised Beef Cheek Cannelloni on Light Parmesan Velouté. This was heavenly without being heavy. Which was great ‘cos I somewhat over-indulged in the appetizers.
Basilico, Regent Hotel
Basilico Singapore open concept kitchen.

Incidentally, Basilico was having an Alps of Italy Dinner promotion. I didn’t notice this till I finished eating. 😛

Basilico Restaurant Tiramisu
Tiramisu, the must-have at any Italian feast.


Vanilla panna cotta at Basilico Singapore
Vanilla panna cotta. I had three of this for the fruits and shavings paired very well with the cream, which was light and fresh.

I’m no gourmet, so I’m not going to attempt any detailed review of Basilico’s food quality. What I’d just say is, there feels to be an emphasis on natural flavours, be it the main dish or desserts.

Nothing was too sweet or too salty, or as we Singaporeans say, too gaow (weighty, heavy after eating).


This translates to … me being able to eat more and try more things! There’s also no need to gulp down gallons of water later, just to wash off flavouring-induced thirstiness.

On Having A Year-End Dinner alone …

On the topic of having a year-end dinner alone, naturally, I have a good number of acquaintances who find this ritual of mine bizarre.

Pathetic even, as in, was your year so horrible you can’t even find someone to eat a year-end meal with?!?!

As I wrote in one of my tags summaries, I completely fail to comprehend this sort of revulsion. I always intended for these meals to be quality time with myself. And nope, I don’t reflect on life, meditate on the ending year, or ponder about coming months during these meals. I purely feast.

Perhaps if these acquaintances of mine were to infuse lesser meaning into a meal, they too would be able to comprehend the joys of festive solo dining. For starters, I think they would have more energy to appreciate the food with. Agree?

Not to mention, you can feast without having to bother about appearances. You also wouldn’t be getting comments the likes of, you already had three tiramisus! And you’re going for another one?!

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  1. SG…I love the idea, and can do it maybe a couple times a year . You had a great selection of dishes.. Mouthwatering.Have a fantastic end of year

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