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255 Japan Travel Words and Phrases for Tourists

Can you visit Japan without knowing a word of Japanese? Of course you can! However, being equipped with a sprinkling of useful words and phrases will make your visit far more enjoyable.

PS: Check out this link instead if you’re looking for Japanese study tips!

Learn Japanese Words
Learn Japanese Words Online


250 Anime Words and Phrases

The unique art form of Anime is one of the best ways to learn about or experience Japan with. Naturally, it is also a great tool for mastering the Japanese language.

Basic Anime words and phrases to know.

Do check out this other write-up on Anime and Manga culture in Japan too!

Japanese History Timeline for Tourists

One of the longest Japan travel articles I’ve ever written, this is not just a run-down of the nation’s historical periods. It is specifically intended for tourists, especially first-time visitors.

What’s the difference between Japan’s Edo Period and Heian Period?


15 Japanese Historical Characters to Know for Tourists

You can’t avoid “meeting” these Japanese historical figures when traveling in Japan. Thus, knowing who they are and what they represent will make your visit far more meaningful.

Saigo Takamori Statue in Ueno Park, Tokyo.


Top 7 Japan Folktales

Easily the most distinctive form of Japanese architecture, all visitors to Japan should visit at least one castle. Here are seven of the most famous and most beautiful ones to choose from.

Okayama Momotaro Statue and Souvenir.


Tips for Sakura Viewing, the Most Popular Japan Travel Itinerary

Tips for Sakura viewing or hanami in Japan. This article includes suggestions on how else to enjoy the cherry blossoms, other than those found on the trees.

Tips for Sakura Viewing, or hanami (花見).


7 Japanese Castles to Visit

Easily the most distinctive form of Japanese architecture, all visitors to Japan should at least visit one castle. Here are seven of the most famous and most beautiful ones to choose from.

The best Japanese Castles to see in the Land of the Rising Sun


Japan Rainy Day Itinerary Suggestions

I learned this the hard way. Beautiful as Japan is, bad weather is often your constant travel companion, especially in early spring, summer, and the typhoon months of August and September! Luckily, there are still many activities to enjoy and kill time with, especially in the cities.

A very wet evening in Kanazawa City.


Visiting Fukuoka

A fun, hectic day in Fukuoka, the biggest and most vibrant city of Kyushu.

Fukuoka’s Nakasu Entertainment District after sunset.

Visiting Shimane

After years of putting it aside, I finally undertook the long train ride to Shimane Prefecture, home of Shinto Mythology.

Rustic Shimane Prefecture is the land of Japanese mythology.

Ekiben! Japan’s Gorgeous Train-Travel Bentos!

Ever since my first Japan visit in 1998, I’ve been fascinated with Ekiben. These being beautiful meal boxes intended for consumption during long train rides.

Ekibens are mini banquets for you to feast on during Japanese train rides.

Tokyo Night Photography

Tokyo, home to 13 million people, is an ever-changing metropolis of lights, architecture, and people. For photographers, this means picture-perfect opportunities every evening.

Tokyo’s famous Sensō-ji Temple at night. The temple itself is often a must-visit on Japan travel itineraries.


3 Japanese Food Markets Not to be Missed

Visiting any of these Japanese food markets is guaranteed to be a colourful, yummy experience.

Exotic Japanese cooking ingredients at Kyoto’s Nishiki Market.

Kansai Nights

Personally, I find Japan so fascinating because it is such a harmonious blend of the ancient and modern. This is perhaps most evident in the huge metropolitan area of Osaka-Kyoto-Kobe. An area where history and the future, the East and the West, walk hand-in-hand.

The Meriken Park port area in Kobe.

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