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Zootopia isn’t just two hours of quirky animal cuteness. Its powerful message about inclusion would stay relevant for a long time.

Zootopia movie review. 6 thumbs up and 2 thumbs down.
Snappy Movie Review | Zootopia

Zootopia Synopsis

Since young, rabbit Judy Hopps has dreamed of being a police officer in urban Zootopia. She eventually becomes one but is sadly disregarded by her chief because of her puny physique. To impress her boss, Judy then volunteers to investigate a series of strange disappearances. This soon leads to her involvement in a citywide conspiracy, as well as a peculiar alliance with small-time red fox con artist, Nicholas P. “Nick” Wilde.

Snappy Review

I don’t expect much from Disney-branded 3D films, simply because I’m a diehard Pixar fan.

Any 3D feature that is un-Pixar branded, I consider as, well, no more than light entertainment. (Though business-wise, both are from the same corporation)

Surprise, surprise. Zootopia turns out to be everything that Pixar had not been for years. These being a creative premise, quirky caricatures, and most of all, superior storytelling.

The thorny challenges about stereotyping are so intelligently weaved into an engrossing storyline, a feat that doubly impresses with no gags ever having to resort to bland or distasteful banter.

And then there’s Flash the Sloth, Mr. “hundred yard dash.” I’m not American but I have my share of wearisome waiting at government offices and the likes of. The skid was just so immediately and completely relatable.

Particularly worthy of special mention are also Judy’s challenge in surviving a work environment that her physique is unsuitable for, and the knee-jerk stereotyping Nick had to face throughout his life. Save for those who have never stepped out of their houses, I believe these frustrations would instantly relate. For kids, both would be invaluable lessons in how to survive, embrace, and overcome differences.

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