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Movie Review – Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 Movie Review.Toy Story 4 Movie Review.

Wickedly hilarious throughout, and sublime when it needs to be, Toy Story 4 is yet another glorious triumph for Pixar’s most celebrated series.

Toy Story 4 Movie Review: 7 thumbs-up & no thumbs-down
Snappy Movie Review | Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 Synopsis

Despite the urgings of the other toys, Woody sneaks off and follows Bonnie to kindergarten orientation. Thereafter, he appoints himself friend and mentor of Forky, a crude toy Bonnie made during the orientation using a spork. When Forky later goes missing during a family trip, Woody launches into overdrive to retrieve the new toy, in the process of which he inadvertently reveals he has not gotten over his former status as Andy’s favourite toy. Woody’s conundrum is soon made worse when during the rescue, he re-encounters Bo Peep, his long lost ex-girlfriend. While baffled by Bo Peep’s enthusiasm as a “lost toy,” Woody finds himself increasingly questioning his purpose and existence. Are his best days as a toy truly over?

Snappy Review

The best way for me to describe Toy Story 4 would be to share the following.

More than once last night, after the entire cinema roared with laughter, I heard sniffles. Not a lone one but a succession of.

That’s right. People were both wet-eyed and giggling, and I don’t mean just the younger audience. Pixar’s latest movie was that much of an emotional roller coaster. I’m not ashamed to state I contributed to some of those sniffles.

But no, please don’t be mistaken. I’m not saying Toy Story 4 is an intense experience. Instead, it’s that sort of roller coaster ride, the type that’s leisurely, involving, and perfectly paced throughout.

Woody’s lingering regret from the conclusion of Part 3 is lyrically, magically expanded into a thoughtful saga, one that will leave you thoroughly questioning the meaning of “purpose.” Is purpose for a toy, and for you in extension, an all-important predetermined mission? Is it a shackle that ties someone down for life? Or is purpose no more than insecurity demanding the return of times that are long gone?

I pondered over these questions while having supper after the movie. While still giggling over the antics of Forky, Ducky, and Bunny.

Years ago, I read that Pixar is celebrated as the King of Animated Storytelling because Pixar stories can always be enjoyed on multiple levels. That there is also always something to reflect on after watching. If I were to discuss these topics with anyone in the future, I will surely, surely use Toy Story 4 as a glowing example.

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